The Power of Devotion

If we do not have devotional trust, even if the Healing Buddha in person were standing in front of us, we would receive hardly any benefit. For our minds, which are the only key to our spiritual blossoming, would not open to the opportunity. This is why a Tibetan proverb says:

From whomever one sees as a Buddha 
Blessings are received as from a Buddha. 
From whomever one sees as a fool 
Effects come as from a fool.

The enlightened nature, ultimate peace and joy, is omnipresent; it is in all of us. Training in devotion is a powerful way to uncover that nature. Seeing the image of a Buddha as endowed with blessed qualities can transform our minds. If we can see and feel the enlightened qualities of this object, we will open our minds to healing. If we can think of the object as blessed and trust in its power, a peaceful and joyful feeling will spontaneously blossom in our minds.

From Boundless Healing

Boundless Healing
Boundless Healing