A Meditation to Welcome The Day

When you awake, any simple meditation of mind and body can encourage healing at a time when your awareness, like the new day, is dawning. This orientation can be an important foundation for the rest of the day.

As you are getting up to begin your morning, you can think, ‘‘I will be mindful of using this awareness of the healing energies as the basis of the day’s activities.’’ Then during the day, from time to time, recall the warmth and calmness that you felt upon awakening and let it permeate your daily activities. Let the awareness of the healing energies become the foundation of your life, like the calmness and energy of the vast ocean beneath the waves.

It is hard not to wake up with your customary worries, hopes, confusions, and ideas. However, by being mindful and aware of the healing energies as you awake, you will gradually develop a habit of waking with the right attitude.

From Boundless Healing

Boundless Healing
Boundless Healing