A Meditation for Waking Up

In sleep, the body and mind are harmoniously resting together, in the union of warmth and peace. As you are waking, recognize and remain with the healing energies: simply be aware of the warmth and peace. Allow your awareness to merge for a while with these feelings. If your mind begins jumping ahead to the day’s events, obligations, or worries, gently allow these thoughts to drift away and remain instead in open awareness of peace. Take five or ten minutes to experience the union of body and mind in warmth and peace. Be at ease and relaxed in these feelings. With an open heart and mind, be at one with the moment. If necessary, take a deep breath or two and release any tensions that you may be feeling or any impurities that you may be sensing.

Then think of your body part by part and feel the warmth and peace in each place: enjoy the natural warmth and peace of the head, the upper body, the arms and hands, the lower body, the legs and feet, and then the whole body, from the head to the soles of the feet. Simply be open; immerse yourself in a boundless feeling of healing energies. Feel warmth and openness and rest in them.

Then feel not only that your body is filled with healing energies but that there is an aura of healing energies, a tent of warmth and peace, around your body. Enjoy the healing energy atmosphere surrounding you. Bathe in that aura of warmth and peace as if you were swimming in a vast body of water like the ocean. Let your thoughts and feelings melt and merge into the ocean of healing energies, as if you have become one with it, like water merging with water. Relax in open awareness of the experience as long as you can.

From Boundless Healing

Boundless Healing
Boundless Healing