Guru Rinpoche Painting


This image is a detail from a thanka (Tibetan painting scroll) of Guru Rinpoche, Padmasambhava, was drawn with vermilion ink, painted with gold and finished with various mineral and vegetable colors. It's artist is unknown. Once, this scroll belonged to the great sage, the Second Dodrupchen Rinpoche (1824-1863), who used it as his meditation support (Tib., thugs dam gyi rten). It later became one of the main meditation supports of Lushul Khenpo Konchog Dronme (1859-1936) and then of Kyala Khenpo Chechog Dondruptsal (1893-1957) of Dodrupchen Monastery who was Tulku Thondup's tutor. Now it remains in the custody of Tulku Thondup and family. It is said that some seers saw spirit beings bow to it in respect; some would not even dare look at it because of its sacred power.

There are three versions of the image that are available for downloading. The large image is suitable for creating up to a 10" x 10" print. The medium version is suitable for a 6" x 6" print. The small version is sized for viewing on your computer screen.